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rASiA.com - in TOP Global 100 Confrences

Some conferences such as Kinnernet and the legendary MLove are about building a global network that feels more like a global family, and Alexander Shuglin’s rASiA International Innovation Forum definitely falls into this category. Carefully curated C-level guests from major global brands and innovators were invited to Moscow to put forward their vision of the future, but above all to build the remarkable global network.

Standout presentations for me included Alex Petrov, CEO of BitFury, speaking about the end of banking as we know it with the adoption of BlockChain; Gerard Inzerillo, CEO of Forbes travel, talk about the transformation of the travel industry; and Hyperloop CEO Dirk Ahlborn sharing their plans to connect the world at high speed.

With Alex Petrov (BitFury) and Gerard Inzerillo (Forbes Travel)

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